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Daily Bucs Links 6/13/11 - Optimism On Lockout, Glazers To Go Public With Manchester United?

According to a couple of sources, NFL lockout could be over sooner than you think | The Z Report | a blog
Lance Zierlein reports that the lockout could be over quickly. He is a respected NFL reporter, so he isn't just throwing something out there. And he isn't alone: with 'secret' NFL/NFLPA talks going on these past two weeks there's good reason to hope the lockout will be over quickly.

Glazers eye Hong Kong listing for Manchester United | Football | The Guardian
The Bucs' owners have owned Manchester United for years now, but they may finally be looking to be rid of it. And this time, the news doesn't come from some British tabloid, but a respectable newspaper. Going public with Manchester United could net the Glazers billions of dollars. They bought the team for $1.47 billion, and the team is supposedly valued at $2.76 billion in this IPO. That said, the Glazers could simply sell part of Manchester United to raise money and at the same time keep a controlling interest.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
As always, a good read, even though there's nothing Bucs-related in there. One interesting note: it seems undrafted free agents may have to wait for veteran free agents to be signed once the lockout is over.

Tom Brady, Ricky Stanzi saddened by grim news about Tom Martinez - Peter King -
Peter King's MMQB is always worth a read, though there's no Bucs news in this column either.

Bay Area Optimism Abounds at Roundtable Talk | has a piece up about a public talk between the three major sports owners in the Tampa Bay area. Nothing really interesting, except every owner likes where their team is.

Higher Education: The best third-down running backs - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
As noted before, Cadillac Williams was the best third-down running back in terms of running the ball.

FP - Hardest Question in Football: What Would You Do With Aqib Talib and Kenny Britt?
Cris Collinsworth notes that teams may be happy when the league takes action. That way the player is disciplined, and the team can still protect the player to an extent so that relationship isn't harmed.

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