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Daily Bucs Links 6/12/11 - Raheem Morris the 16th best Head Coach, James Lee doing charity work - NFL head coach power rankings
Pro Football Weekly ranked the head coaches. No. 16: Raheem Morris. That may be a little high for a coach with just one winning season, but the job he did was pretty remarkable. H/t to JoeBucsFan | Fire The Cannons For James Lee - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
JoeBucsFan notes that James Lee has been doing some excellent work with charities in South Florida. Always good to hear about a Buccaneer doing some positive work. news: No. 5: Falcons' comeback prevents potential playoff shakeup ranked Falcons@Buccaneers as the 5th best game of 2010. It was a great game, full of suspense, swings and with a close late-minute finish. Unfortunately, the Bucs couldn't pull out the win. news: Experts reflect on their top game of 2010
Among the experts, only Charles Davis liked that game the most, though. news: Running the show: No surprises atop list of NFL's best RBs
Pat Kirwan ranks his top running backs. Legarrette Blount comes in 22nd, Cadillac comes in 36th. news: Super Bowl-winning QBs top list of game’s best signal-callers
Among Quarterbacks, Josh Freeman ends up in the third group as the 13th best quarterback. For some reason, he's behind Sam Bradford, which baffles the mind. He's younger and more athletic than Bradford, and had a better 2010 Season. Yes, Bradford was a rookie with a poor supporting cast, but did you see him at the end of the year? Eyech. 

The revenue tidal wave is on its way | National Football Post
The National Football Post explains why even a single percentage shift in revenue is significant for both the players and owners. 

Locked-out? NFL training camp sites start to sweat | examines another party shafted by the NFL Lockout: training camp sites. The Bucs moved their training camp site back to Tampa after Raheem Morris became coach, though, so how relevant is this for the Bucs? | Raheem Compares Freeman To Doug Williams - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Raheem Morris sees Doug Williams in Josh Freeman. I'd argue he's already better than Doug Williams ever was, and I hope he doesn't leave the way Doug Williams left. 

For Crawford, just another game? |
With Carl Crawford returning to play against the Rays, takes a look at John Lynch's first game against the Bucs, and Brad Richards' first game against the Lightning. 

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