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Will Tim Crowder be on the Bucs' Roster next Season?

Tim Crowder says he wants to remain a Buccaneer. The former Denver Bronco has been a consistent defensive end for the Bucs these past two seasons, but his contract is up and with four years of accrued service he's likely to be an unrestricted free agent. With Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers coming in, there's little chance of him starting. As a backup, though, Tim Crowder has been valuable. With Stylez G. White likely leaving the Buccaneers, Crowder would be the most experienced defensive end on the roster.

But that doesn't mean the Bucs want him back. Clayborn and Bowers are projected starters, and the talented but raw Michael Bennett seems like a lock to make the roster as well. With the Bucs generally carrying four DEs on the 53-man roster that leaves one roster spot and a number of candidates to fight for one spot. Tim Crowder is the most experienced, but a number of other players showed some talent last season.

Alex Magee impressed me with limited playing time and the fact that the Bucs traded for him could give him a leg up. However, he was cited for marijuana possession this offseason and the Bucs could decide to make an example of him. Then there's Stylez G. White, the man who started most of last season for the Bucs. Stylez was a disappointment last season, as he failed to make an impact as a pass rusher. However, he has the skills and ability to play right defensive end at a decent level. The fact that he's a free agent who will want a long-term contract at 31 years old makes it unlikely the Bucs bring him back, though.

Another prospective defensive end is Kyle Moore. This 2009 fourth-round draft pick hasn't even notched a sack these past two seasons, despite starting 7 games. Kyle Moore has the advantage of being a recent draft pick, but his performance has been sub-par and he will have to take some big steps to have a chance of making the roster.

Finally, there are a number of practice squad players who have a chance to make a splash. Every season there are a couple of players who are brought in as training camp fodder but who end up making the team. E.J. Wilson and Doug Worthington could be those guys for the Bucs next season. Worthington was a seventh-round pick for the Steelers last season, while E.J. Wilson was a fourth-round pick for the Seahawks. Both of these players have the ability to play tackle as well, which could give them a leg up.

Personally, I think Alex Magee has the best chance of snagging that roster spot. What do you think?