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The Bucs' Secret Weapon: Greg Lloyd

Some of the best linebackers in the NFL have played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. That team is renowned for its hard-nosed, hard-hitting defense and the players that play with an attitude. You see that today in James Harrison, but 15 years ago you could see that in Greg Lloyd. Lloyd was a nasty linebacker, famous for his hitting and his mouth. He was James Harrison before Harrison was even playing in high school. But he was also a terrific football player who studied the game and was tremendously skillful. He made five Pro Bowls and was named a first-team All-Pro three times. That's the kind of linebacker the Bucs could use right about now. 

Good thing, then, that that player is a defensive assistant for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers these days. Lloyd first came to the Bucs during last season's training camp as an intern. He earned a permanent spot with the team as a defensive assistant after that. The Bucs need more production out of their linebacking corps, and Greg Lloyd could play a pivotal role there. He's played the game at a very high level, which should have given him at least some knowledge he can impart to his linebackers. But perhaps more importantly, he might be able to give these guys a little of his own mindset. The Bucs could do with some attitude on defense.