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Daily Bucs Links 6/1/11 - Caddy Wants to Stay, Bowers Ready for Training Camp

Cadillac hopes to keep rolling with Bucs |
Caddy talks about his love for Tampa, and that he really wants to re-sign with the Bucs. I believe the Bucs want him back as well, so this is starting to sound like a done deal. 

[Podcast]Da'Quan Bowers thinks his knee is fine - 5/31/11 - AFC North AFC East Review by Draft Countdown
Da'Quan Bowers talks to Draft Countdown about the draft and his knee injury, and he believes his knee will be fine. "I think if training camp started today, I think I'd be able to do 80-90% of the drills I needed to do" said the second-round draft pick. Of course, we don't really know what that means and how long it'll take him to get to the point where he can do 100% of the drills. Da'Quan Bowers denies that he had microfracture, instead describing his surgery as a minor procedure called chondroplasty. That, again, doesn't tell us all that much because a chondroplasty can be very minor, but it can also be a major procedure and almost the same thing as microfracture surgery. Regardless, he says that the renowned Dr. James Andrews thinks there will be no long-term effects for his health. So why did he fall in the draft, then? Because there could be arthritis in his knee, and that scared teams off. He says he feels fine now, but acknowledges that arthritis could shorten his career. But there's some good news, too: he was at the Bucs offseason workouts last week. Another impressive comment from him focused on the film study he did in his final season, and how that allowed him to be much more successful than before. That's exactly what he'll have to do to succeed in the NFL.

NFL ahead of last year's pace for season-ticket sales - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal
Despite the lockout and a rise in ticket prices, the NFL is selling more season tickets now than it was last season. That's good news for the Bucs, of course, although we don't know whether this is true for Tampa Bay as well. Perhaps more importantly, the NFL is looking into allowing teams to avoid blackouts by covering up stadium seats. 

NFL: Analyzing the top 10 most disappointing sophomore seasons of the past 25 years - ESPN [Insider Content]
Football Outsiders examines the 10 most disappointing sophomore seasons of the past 25 years. At #2: the great Michael Clayton. Ugh. 

The Answer Man, Series 7, Volume 8 |
Answer Man answers some questions on the Bucs' official website. This time he talks about official rosters, draft grades for previous Bucs drafts and Blount's rookie season. | The QB Blast: Bucs Employees Get Raw Deal
Former Bucs quarterback Jeff Carlson talks about the Bucs employees and how they're being victimized in this labor dispute. 

Toxic Results |
The Bucs' website examines the turnover differential and the big plays on offense and the big plays given up on defense. It's an interesting read, although I'm sure it'll pain people to know that turnovers are highly inconsistent from season to season and thus not a good indicator of future team strength. 

Method Men: How NFL Players Memorize Dizzying Playbooks
This is a pretty interesting read on memorizing playbooks. That's a pretty underrated aspect of football, but internalizing plays so you know them instinctively takes a lot of hard work. 

Undrafted players left just waiting around - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Bucs got great production from undrafted free agents last season, but those players can't even be signed right now. 

NFL rookie symposium back on; NFLPA to host - NFL -
The NFL canceled the rookie symposium because of the lockout, but the NFLPA is hosting their own versoin. 

2012 NFL Draft overall rankings - Mocking The Draft
Mocking the Draft has their 2012 Draft board out, useful for those who want to get started on evaluating draft prospects already. It's not like there's any other football on right now. news: Arms race: Top young QB distinction offers fierce competition
A number of analysts examine the top young QBs. The favorites: Matt Ryan and Sam Bradford. Only Charles Davis picked Josh Freeman, and I have to side with Davis. Freeman had a terrific year, but he's also the youngest in the group of young, successful quarterbacks. 

Kiper: Tampa Bay Buccaneers get picked to regress, but youthful talent means they may not comply - ESPN [Insider Content]
Mel Kiper talks about why the Bucs will succeed next year. He points to Josh Freeman, but also the stellar drafting of the past two years as reasons why the Bucs will only get better in the future.