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Mike Williams Is the 83rd Best Player In the NFL Today

At least, that's what NFL players are saying. The latest Top 100 show on NFL Network counts down the best players in the NFL right now, as voted on by players. As JoeBucsFan notes, Mike Williams comes in at #83, which is pretty high for a rookie. Mike Williams had a great rookie season, though, and he could be a star for a long time. The NFL has released his piece for the show (or perhaps a preview of it, I can't really tell), and you can watch it right here. You can watch the show itself on NFL Network from 8PM to 9PM tonight, when #90 to #81 will be counted down. 

In Mike Williams' piece, Josh Freeman talks about his star receiver, and how good he is. The thing that stood out for me was the mention of sight adjustments and Mike Williams' understanding of the game. These are aspects of his game we didn't hear much about last season, but they're important for a successful player. It also speaks to Mike Williams' commitment to the game, and if he can keep working on his game he will be a special player. 

Mike Williams is the only Buccaneer who we know will be on the top 100 list, but it would surprise me if he was the only one on the list. Josh Freeman had the kind of season to warrant a selection, and Legarrette Blount certainly had the highlight-reel runs to earn a spot too. Donald Penn was elected to a Pro Bowl, albeit as an injury replacement, and while Aqib Talib has run into off-field problems (again), he was an absolute star cornerback in 2010. Do you think any of these players will appear on future editions of the show?