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How Young are the Young Bucs actually?

The fact that the Buccaneers are young won't surprise anyone. But exactly how young are they now? Well, I have to talk about something now don't I? I decided to go by the roster predictions I posted earlier this week: one for offenseone for defense. While these predictions won't be entirely correct of course, I think they're likely to come fairly close to reality. So how do the Bucs fare then?

Well, on defense the average player will be 24 years old when they play the season opener, and he'll have 2 years of experience in the NFL. The starters are older, propped up by 36-year-old Ronde Barber and 29-year-old Sean Jones. The average starter will be 25 years old with 3 years of NFL experience. The youngest player on defense will be Da'Quan Bowers, who will be 21 years old. I never realized Bowers was that young, but his young age could bode well for his knee injury too. On offense, the average starter will be 25 years old and will have 3 years of playing experience, and the average offensive player will be just as old and have just as much experience. The youngest player on offense is Arrelious Benn at 22, followed by a number of 23-year-olds including Josh Freeman. The oldest player is Earnest Graham at 31, and the oldest starter is Jeff Faine at 30. Obviously the team is very young, but these stats don't say much in isolation. So next time, I'll be comparing these results to some historical teams. Any interesting suggestions?