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Tipping his hand

Mark Dominik has been lauded for the last few drafts he's conducted, and why not?  Anytime you nab a franchise QB, and half your defensive line for the next 10 years, you should be praised.  His drafts have been good even with a few misses but his strategy is a pretty simple one, at least when it's come to the last two years.  We all know that any information you hear around draft time is probably mis-information and teams guard their draft strategies and boards as if they were the nuclear launch codes.  None of us really know what factors are or aren't considered as teams begin to shape their draft boards and rank players.  But we do know one thing, at least about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers approach;  they aren't afraid to ask other players who they should draft and their professional opinion of such players.

Case and point, last year, Brandon Carter, offensive lineman for Texas Tech, was asked about both Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, how they played as well as his opinion and assessment of said players.  Carter has alluded that he talked up both players, but no one ever said what his definitive answer was. 

The same tactic was used this year by Dominik when evaluating defensive ends.  Mark Dominik apparently polled college left tackles and asked who they feared matching up against and who provided the toughest test.  The name that came back should sound familiar.  Adrian Clayborn.

If that's true, it's good news for Bucs fans.  Maybe we should start a survey and send it out to every NCAA team in December and ask them these questions.  Whether other teams ask this or not, I couldn't tell you, but if they aren't, I bet they will start, particular if McCoy and Clayborn go beast mode for the Bucs.