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Hearings Set, Legal Mumbo Jumbo Continuing


I'm getting tired of all the legal lockout wrangling. There's a hearing set for June 3 when the 8th Circuit will decide whether the lockout will continue or not. Whoever loses will probably appeal to the full 8th Circuit, instead of just the three judges that are there now. And in the mean time, the lockout will continue on. Unless the 8th Circuit decides to rule on the lockout soon, which they may or may not do. Excellent communication, guys! Do they just decide to rule on a whim? "Hey, I feel like saying something about the NFL thingie today guys" "Nah, man, I'm hungry, let's grab some grub instead."

The bright spot? Mediation is set to continue on the May 16. Hopefully that'll lead to some resolution, but I'm not all that hopeful. Both sides will want to wait for leverage provided by the court rulings. 

That's not the only legal stuff going on right now, though. Aqib Talib's case will go before a grand jury on May 18. He's facing a charge of felony assault with a deadly weapon, which carries a prison sentence of two to twenty years. It isn't likely to come to that, but if it does, the Bucs won't need to make a decision on keeping Talib on the team.