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Will The 2011 Draft Be As Impactful As The 2010 Draft for the Buccaneers?

It's no secret the 2010 Draft was a very good one for the Bucs. They were the first team since at least the NFL/AFL merger to start 10 rookies and have a winning season. From s first rounder to undrafted free agents and waiver-wire pickups, the Bucs got the most out of their entire draft class. Of course, it was easier for all of these players to contribute and make the field because the team lacked talent and skill across the board to begin with. The team has added talent and this means rookies will have to do better to make the team than they did last year. Don't be surprised if a number of draft picks don't even make the teams, and don't see that as an indication of a failed draft. It may just be an indication of the improved quality of the roster.

Another factor playing into this is the lockout. For now the lockout remains in place and players will not be able to work out with coaches. This means that rookies can't be coached and can't learn the new schemes. They may not even be able to get their hands on playbooks, although I'm sure some of the players with playbooks will be able to accommodate them. But playbooks alone won't tell players what they need to do to get ready for the NFL, and they will have a harder time beating out their more experienced teammates than usual.