We want Reggie! (At least I do anyways)

It's January 1st 2012. It's the 4th quarter with 1:30 to go and we've just allowed the go ahead touchdown to our hated division rivals the Atlanta Falcons. Score 24-21. Roddy White and Julio Jones are giving each other flying chest bumps on the sidelines because they're thinking they've just won the division as going into this game both teams had identical 10-5 records. There's just one problem... They left a minute and thirty seconds on the clock for Mr. 4th Quarter Josh Freeman. But more than that they now have to kick-off to one of the most dangerous return tandems in the game. Reggie Bush and Regis Benn.

No that's not a misprint. Stay with me here. So the Dirty Birds kick the ball through the endzone, thanks to the new rule that kick-offs will be placed at the 35 yard line now, in order to neutralize our returners. Cool as a cucumber Freeman trots out onto the field with Mike Williams, Regis Benn, Sammie Straughter, the sensational rookie Luke Stocker, and Reggie Bush beside him. We have no time outs. What's the first play we run? Screen pass to Bush who's running behind Stocker and Benn as they block downfield for him. The defense is so caught off guard we gain 25 yards before they can stop us. We get up and spike the ball. Next play we line up with the same players but this time empty backfield. Freeman walks up to the line sees the D and calls a pre-determined audible. All of a sudden Stocker is in the backfield as a fullback and Bush is deep in the I formation. The defense knows there is plenty of time on the clock so handing it off is a real option. At the snap the defense hesitates instead of dropping straight back because they see Freeman hold the ball out for Bush. Play action fake! The defense is on their heels. Williams is streaking down the sideline. Freeman throws the perfect outside shoulder fade and hits Williams at the 10 who steps out of bounds. The Falcons are in disarray. They don't have any idea what we're about to call or who to cover. Out trots LGB as Straughter takes a breather. Out of the huddle we go with a split back set with LGB and Bush. The defense is thinking pass. We motion Bush out wide. Then draw play to LGB who drags the D to the 4 yard line. We spike the ball. 3rd and goal. Fade to Williams in the back corner of the endzone. Game Bucs. Division Bucs.

While I realize this is a completely fanciful and unlikely series of events I believe that the addition of Reggie Bush to our offense would push us to a new level. Reggie has that home run ability that we lack in the backfield. He also has the versatility we value as he can line up almost anywhere on the field. Now if you're like me you've been eating up every scrap of NFL you can get. So I'm sure most of you know that the Saints have publicly said they want Bush on their team. However they don't want to pay him. We have the means and need to pay him. I can't pretend like it wouldn't give me tremendous satisfaction to see one of our old division rivals suit up for the Pewter Pirates and help us go out there and win a division. Not only would we beat the Saints and the Falcons in the standings but we get to subtly rub it in that it was the former Saint that helped us do it. Would our offense be unstoppable? Not by any means but would we be a heck of a challenge to gameplan for? You bet your hindparts we would be. So how about it? Who wants Reggie???

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