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Mark Dominik Is Scouting The 2012 Draft Already

In 2009, the Bucs declined to fix a huge gaping hole on the defensive line because they saw that 2010 was going to be a strong class for defensive tackles. In 2010 they declined to fix another huge gaping hole on the defensive line when they saw that 2011 was going to be a great defensive end class. So which huge gaping hole did they decline to address this year, because next year will be a strong year for that position? 

Mark Dominik spoke about that very subject with, and pointed to receivers, cornerbacks and quarterbacks. While the Bucs don't have a real need for a receiver, they could've used some complementary players at the position but declined to draft one. As for quarterbacks, the Bucs obviously don't need a starter, but Josh Johnson will be a free agent next year and the Bucs may need a new backup quarterback. 

But cornerback is the most obvious need for the Bucs. They have Ronde Barber, E.J. Biggers and Myron Lewis as the three main cornerbacks, while Elbert Mack and rookie Anthony Gaitor will be the fourth and fifth cornerbacks. Recent reports have suggested the Bucs will say goodbye to Aqib Talib when they can, and with Ronde Barber retiring it would've made sense for the Bucs to add a good cornerback in the draft. But in light of the weak cornerback class this year the Bucs deferred to next year to add a premier cornerback. And while I said earlier the Bucs could go after a cornerback in free agency, the strong 2012 draft class may keep them from doing so.