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Who Will Start At Safety Next Season?

The Buccaneers have a number of different candidates at safety, and there's not a lot to separate these players. They only ave one superstar under contract in Tanard Jackson, but he won't be available to report to the Bucs until Week 3 of the regular season at the earliest, so I doubt he'll be ready to start before midseason. Cody Grimm is then the obvious candidate to start, as he had a very strong but injury-shortened 2010 season. He's an intelligent, instinctive player who excels in run support, though I have some questions about his range in pass coverage.

The other favorite to start is Sean Jones. The strong safety started all 16 games in 2010, and proved to be a solid player. He wasn't a standout by any means, but he did his job and he did it well. There's little reason to bench him, unless one of the other young players does well. And there are three candidates to bump Sean Jones off the roster: Larry Asante, Corey Lynch and Ahmad Black.

Larry Asante was a fifth-round pick for the Browns in 2010, but the Bucs picked him up off waivers toward the end of the season. He appeared in a couple of games, even managing to get an an interception off Drew Brees. He seems like a player with some potential, but he's obviously very inexperienced and largely unknown.

Corey Lynch has a lot more experience than Asante, but he doesn't seem as good. Although he probably has the best range in pass coverage out of all the Bucs' safeties, he lacks power in run defense and doesn't seem to be in the right place nearly as often as Cody Grimm or Sean Jones.

Finally, Ahmad Black is the Bucs' fifth-round draft pick this year. Black was an instinctive player at Florida, who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. He was a playmaker and a leader for that defense, and he turned into an impact player despite very limited physical talents. So the question is: can he overcome his lack of size and speed at the NFL level, or is he going to be stuck playing a backup role?

So, who do you want to see at safety next season?