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Daily Bucs Links - 5/28/11 - Sammie Stroughter Looking Good, Jeff Faine Working Out With Team, Creamsicles Suck?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Aqib Talib indicted for aggravated assault with deadly weapon - St. Petersburg Times
As reported, Aqib Talib has been indicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This article provides a lot of detail about the case, and it doesn't look too good for Talib.

Open letter from Bucs C Jeff Faine: Bucs captain vows to be part of future team workouts | Tampa Bay Buccaneers blog 
After the minor controversy about Jeff Faine not working out with the rest of the team, he's written an open letter in which he explains his motivations, and says that he'll work out with the team from now on. 

Random observations from Tampa Bay Buccaneers' lockout workouts | & St. Petersburg Times
Stephen Holder jotted down some notes about the Bucs' workouts, most notably Sammie Stroughter who has looked very good so far. Hopefully he can bounce back from a disappointing 2010. 

Unique Offseason Changes, Focuses McCoy - Pewter Report
Gerald McCoy talks about his charity work in Africa, and how it changed him as a person. 

Worst NFL Throwbacks: #3 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Creamsicle - Field Gulls
Yep, you read that right, over at Field Gulls the Danny Kelly thinks the Creamsicles are the third worst throwback uniforms everywhere. While I wouldn't want to see them week-in-week-out, I love these uniforms for an occasional throwback game. 

Glazers may still be reviled but the tills are ringing at Old Trafford | Owen Gibson | Football | The Guardian - Hattip to JoeBucsFan
An English newspaper wrote a positive piece about the Glazers. I'm shocked. This piece talks about the stellar job the Glazers have done turning Manchester United into a cash cow, while not interfering in the management of the on-field product. 

Pelissero: No guidance, no guarantees for late-round picks in lockout - Minnesota Vikings news | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities
Tom Pelissero talks about the tough road ahead for late-round picks, who will struggle to make teams. The consequence? Old, overpriced veterans are more likely to keep their jobs, as they don't need the offseason to play well. 

Caught in the crossfire | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt examines the conflict of interest the NFL coaches: they want football to start, but they also want to remain loyal to ownership. 

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Walkthrough: Empty Premise
Football Outsiders examines the empty backfield in short-yardage situations. 

Fawkes: Tampa was a great story in 2010, but the honeymoon could end in 2011 - ESPN[Insider Content]
ESPN seems to think the Bucs will take a step back in 2010 because of schedule, an inexperienced defensive line, and problems in the secondary. 

Talib continues to prepare for football - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Aqib Talib is still preparing for football, and has actually been working out with teammates in Florida. This implies that if the court case does drag on, Talib will still be able to play football in 2011. 

Bucs Report -Tribune staff: Morris could be Bucs secret weapon - from Sports
Could Raheem Morris's good relationship with his players be the key to a successful 2011 season?