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Aqib Talib Indicted for Assault With a Deadly Weapon

The Grand Jury is out and they've indicted Aqib Talib for Assault With a Deadly Weapon. This doesn't change much about the charges themselves, as the merits of the case have not been judged by the court system. All this means is that the Grand Jury thought that this was a case that should be brought before the courts. 

Speaking to the St. Petersburg Times, Aqib Talib's attorney was confident that his client would not be found guilty. "The grand jury was not privy to a number of important facts. We are very confident that once we have the opportunity to present all of the facts, this matter will be resolved in Mr. Talib's favor", Jay Reisenger said to the St. Petersburg Times.

 The case will now appear before the courts, but it could take months before the situation is fully resolved. Including appeals, the process could take even longer. In the mean time, the NFL usually waits to hand out suspensions until after the legal process has concluded. The Bucs may do the same thing before deciding on Aqib Talib's future. It is unknown whether Aqib Talib will be allowed to play football while his trial is ongoing.