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Daily Bucs Links - 5/27/11 - Gerald McCoy Driven to Succeed, Bucs a Candidate For Relocation?

Driven McCoy Organizes Bucs D-Line Workouts | Pewter Report
Gerald McCoy has been organizing workouts for the D-Linemen, and talks about it to Pewter Report. He's focused on next season, and doing everything he can to get better. Part of that is dropping weight to get faster and more explosive. 

Could Bucs be candidate for relocation? | & St. Petersburg Times
Someone somewhere wrote that the Bucs could be a candidate for relocation because Talib shot at someone. If that's how the NFL worked, the Bengals would have been on their 85th location by now. The Bucs aren't going to relocate, if only because the stadium deal they got is much too good to walk away from. 

Buccaneers' Kellen Winslow feeling good, working hard | & St. Petersburg Times
Kellen Winslow is feeling good about this offseason, and is working out with the rest of the team, a contrast with previous years. 

Bucs TE Winslow's knee pain free for first time in years |
Winslow has figured out that when you buy a machine to treat a knee injury, you need to know how it works. | "We Had A Lot Of Offensive Linemen In." 
JoeBucsFan transcribed a radio interview with Josh Freeman and uses it to take a potshot at Jeff Faine, as apparently he's one of only a few offensive linemen not to work out with the rest of the team. 

Bucs QB Josh Freeman agreed with Hard Knocks decision - from Sports
Josh Freeman agreed with the decision not accept the Hard Knocks invitation. 

Saints QB Drew Brees explains players side in NFL labor issue - Jim Trotter -
Drew Brees makes a pretty ludicrous assertion: that the NFL started this mess because Gene Upshaw died. Other than that, this is a good read though. 

Evaluating the Evaluator | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Matt Waldman talks about the process of scouting, and what he thinks is wrong with the NFL's approach to it. An interesting read on organizational practices. 

Glazers expected to attend Wembley soccer showdown - from Sports
The Glazers are expected to be at Saturday's Champions League final, featuring their Manchester United and FC Barcelona. For those who don't follow the sport, the Champions League final is basically the Super Bowl of soccer. This will be the third time in four years that Manchester United have appeared in the Champions League final which they won in 2008. Imagine the Bucs getting to the Super Bowl three times in four years, and still having fans complain about ownership. 

xkcd: Sports
Geeky webcomic xkcd made a funny about sports writing.