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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Send Employees Home Without Pay Next Week

"This is how much money we're saving. Amazing, huh?"
"This is how much money we're saving. Amazing, huh?"

Because of the ongoing NFL lockout, the Buccaneers will close their offices during Memorial Day Week, and send their employees home without. They plan on doing the same thing during Labor Day week and in the winter, if the lockout drags on. The good news for the employees: if no regular season games are lost, they will be reimbursed for any lost wages. The bad news: they'll still be short at least a week of work and pay until the labor situation is resolved.

Several teams have cut employee salaries during the lockout as a cost-cutting measure, but it's not known whether the Buccaneers are one of these teams. They have inserted clauses into contracts that will allow them to do so, however.

This is an unfortunate result of the lockout, as a dispute between owners and players is now victimizing coaches and other team employees. The fact that people who have nothing to do with this dispute aren't being paid because of it is shameful, in my opinion.