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Daily Bucs Links 5/26/11 - Jeff Faine Not With The Team, Kellen Winslow Working Out Hard

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. " Faine Passes On Freeman’s Workouts
Jeff Faine doesn't seem too keen on getting together with the rest of the team to work out. To be fair, blocking air and snapping balls isn't going to help him much, but you'd think that this would be good for team chemistry at least. 

Kellen Winslow: Bring on the heat - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Kellen Winslow has been working out like crazy, apparently. That's a little surprising because Winslow's practices were limited and monitored the last two seasons to manage his knee injury. In addition to that, he spent most of last season working out in California instead of in the Tampa Bay area. Given the fact that the Freeman-Winslow connection seemed to be off early last year, perhaps this will allow him to start and end the season well. 

Bucs' Aqib Talib to appear before Texas grand jury today |
Aqib Talib's Grand Jury hearing was yesterday, though we won't know the outcome until Friday morning. This isn't a hearing to determine Talib's guilt, it's merely a hearing to determine whether or not to prosecute Talib. It's widely expected that the Grand Jury will indeed indict Talib. 

Flash Points: Franchise-turning events - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Yasinskas lists the turning points in the history of all four NFC South teams. For the Buccaneers, he chose the hiring of Tony Dungy as the key event in the franchise's history, although the readers voted the Super Bowl win as the turning point. " Sammie And The Goat - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Here's a little video of Sammie Stroughter and Sabby Piscitelli working out together at Oregon State, their alma mater. I don't know how old this video is, but I do know Stroughter has been working out with Josh Freeman and company as well. " Four Bucs D-Linemen Working Out Together - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
It seems Kyle Moore, Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborn and Michael Bennett are working out together. While the latter three should be locks to make the roster, Kyle Moore will have to work hard and prove himself in training camp. 

NFL: Analyzing the top 10 most disappointing trades of the past 25 years - ESPN (Insider Content)
Football Outsiders lists the 10 most disappointing trades (for both teams involved) in the last 25 years. At number three the Tampa Bay Buccaneers make an appearance with the 1992 trade for Chris Chandler that saw them give up the second overall pick of the draft. Chris Chandler was just another quarterback in a long line of horrible Bucs quarterbacks, while the Colts took Quentin Coryatt with the pick they got from Tampa Bay. Hardly a star either. 

Drop Percentage: Tight Ends |
PFF lists drop percentages for Tight Ends. Kellen Winslow turns out to be one of the most surehanded tight ends of the last three years. 

NFL sees signs fans are turned off | Fox Sports Florida
Ratings for the draft were down, as are visits to Apparently, the NFL is not indestructible. " Advantage Saints In NFC South, Faine Says - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Jeff Faine seems to think the Saints have the best chance to come out of this lockout and win the division.