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Josh Freeman Leading Bucs Workouts - Since March!

While other unofficial team workouts have drawn much publicity, Bucs fans heard nothing of Josh Freeman and company. Sometimes a little news would leak: Josh Freeman had a small workout in April,  a few random players were working out together and the defensive line came together under Gerald McCoy's leadership. But there were no reports of continuous workouts, or of any large-scale gathering of players. Were the Bucs lagging behind other teams, then? Apparently not, as Josh Freeman has been organizing workouts since late March. While the Bucs apparently haven't had full-scale minicamps like the Saints, players have participated regularly and they've had up to twenty players together for a session. 

As I've mentioned before, this sort of thing is crucial if the Bucs want to be successful next season. Because of their youth, the Bucs need all the offseason development they can get, and this is really the only thing they can do to work together as a team. The team can work on different concepts, and even evaluate film. These workouts can't replace coaching, but they're all the players can do. 

The best news isn't really that players have indeed been working out, but the way in which they've done it. Josh Freeman is going about his business in a quiet way. He hasn't looked for any attention, no one (except his teammates) know where he's holding these workouts, and no one was even aware of them. None of his teammates have been looking for any kind of publicity either. Why? Because none of that matters for these workouts. They're there to make the team better, and nothing else. Freeman, apparently, won't tolerate distractions. These get-togethers are about working at their craft and turning this team into a perennial winner. And Josh Freeman looks like the man to lead the team to where it needs to go.