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When will the lockout end?

Hard to believe we're in the middle of May and there is still no resolution to this. Much like many others, I theorized that if a deal wasn't struck by the initial deadline, it would be months until any meaningful talks were had. So far, that's right on schedule, unfortunately.

I'll admit, I'm at a loss of what to write these days. The lockout has taken its toll and I find it hard to be excited about the season at this point. This has nothing to do with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their draft or proceedings, but the league in general. We all have our feelings on the lockout, who's right , who's wrong and what could be done to strike a deal and get football going. But until the two sides realize that everyday missed means less chance to learn the playbook and get ready for the season, we'll sit here and talk about the lack of football and what we would do differently.

Unlike Sander, who is churning out fantastic articles at record pace, I'm at a standstill. So rather than focusing on the lockout and creative block I'm having, we might as well have some fun out of this. In the comments section, list the day you think the lockout will end. For funsies, you can also put how many games will be missed and what the first year salary cap figure will be.

Before anyone asks, there isn't a prize or anything, more just discussion amongst us fans. In fact, no prizes should be offered until someone posts the Viking helmet bet picture.