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Daily Bucs Links " Rookies On Twitter
For those of you who like to follow Bucs players on Twitter, Bucstats collected all the twitter handles of the Bucs rookies. 

Two Bucs joining forces on playbook - NFC South Blog - ESPN
And another two Buccaneers are working out - this time, it's rookie Allen Bradford and third-string quarterback Rudy Carpenter. The young quarterback is helping the rookie running back assimilate the playbook, or get a glimpse of the playbook at all, I guess. I'm pretty impressed Bradford sought out a Buccaneer to get the playbook and practice with. 

Aqib Talib's grand jury hearing postponted | & St. Petersburg Times
Aqib Talib's grand jury hearing was scheduled to occur earlier this week, but has been postponed until May 25. The grand jury will decide whether to indict Aqib Talib on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Why player organized workouts are over-hyped | National Football Post
Matt Bowen talks about the use of player-organized workouts. His conclusions: they're not nearly as useful as real practices. 

Owners court victory a path to a deal? | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt talks about the court victory for the owners, and how it affects negotiations and the future labor process. Blogs " Blog Archive Data Points: History shows NFC South is wide open "
A visual representation of the NFC South's up-and-down history. 

Players' battle with owners not a lost cause - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo!'s (player-slanted) story on the current state of labor negotiations.