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Daily Bucs Links

Oi, Carroll, stay away from our punter
Oi, Carroll, stay away from our punter

Sorting Out Reports of Da’Quan Bowers’ Knee Injury | The Pewter Plank
The Pewter Plank gives a pretty comprehensive overview of the kinds of medical procedure Da'Quan Bowers has undergone, and what this might mean for his future. Unfortunately, the conclusion is still "we don't really know". 

Fitness guru works Disney magic with NFLer  -FOX Sports Florida 
Another story on how players are keeping up their fitness level during this offseason. While no Buccaneers are mentioned, a little deductive reasoning shows that Adrian Clayborn is working out there. Clayborn made it known that he was working out with James Harrison, who's at that facility as well.  Scratch that, I can't read. Though Clayborn has been working out with James Harrison. 

Pay close attention to Herm Edwards' take on Bucs/Hard Knocks | & St. Petersburg Times
The St. Petersburg Times talks about Herm Edwards' view of Hard Knocks. Edwards was the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs when Hard Knocks landed there in 2007.

Agent: Da'Quan Bowers' recovery going well, no setbacks anticipated | & St. Petersburg Times
Da'Quan Bowers' agent says "move along, nothing to see here". Make of this what you will, but no agent is ever going to come out and say "Yeah my client's knee is shot, he has no chance to survive in the NFL."

RB vs. Different Defensive Schemes | FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis
Football Outsiders examines the issue of small backs, big backs, 3-4s and 4-3s. The conclusion? Small backs seem to do better than big backs, and either group is fine with whatever defense it faces. Incidentally this piece highlights Blount's skill at broken tackles, showing the highest broken tackle rate in all of football. 

No OTAs, no minicamps? This season could be ugly - NFL - Football
Mike Freeman talks about the impact the lockout could have on the quality of football in the NFL this season - if there even is a season. 

What is really being lost in the NFL lockout? | National Football Post
David Bowen does the same thing, but he tackles the problem from a players' perspective. We see the same story, though: the quality of play will decline in 2011. 

Mediation breaks until June | ProFootballTalk
And finally, another down note: there will be no more mediated talks between the NFL and the NFLPA until June 7.