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Broken Tackles for the 2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In 2009, several Buccaneers established new lows. That season was painful, but perhaps no player was more painful to watch than Sabby Piscitelli, the eternal scourge of the Bucs defense. He didn't just lead the team in broken tackles in 2009, he led the entire NFL in broken tackles. Thankfully, in 2010 no Buccaneer came close to his stunning total of 19 broken tackles, but there were still plenty of broken tackles on defense. One thing you should note: broken tackles only occur when a player was in position to make the play. A lot of plays that 

Interestingly enough, Ronde Barber was the leader in broken tackles this year, with 11. He also had the worst ratio of broken tackles to total tackles, with 11 to 82. This shouldn't surprise anyone who watched the Bucs this season or the last few seasons, really: Ronde has a habit of being overly aggressive which causes him to overshoot plays and miss some pretty easy tackles. That aggression also allows him to make some pretty amazing plays at times, like snuffing out screen passes before they even get started. But it isn't always a good thing, and perhaps Ronde's age is showing. 

On the other hand, the most sure-handed tackler on the team was Roy Miller. He had just one broken tackle compared to 47 total tackles. That tackle total was 8th in the NFL for defensive tackles. While Roy Miller got pushed around by double teams, he still had a pretty decent year. Then again, the fact that Gerald McCoy also had just one broken tackle and none of the other defensive tackles even had one suggests that it's simply not a position that puts people in position to miss tackles very often. This is most likely the case because they're almost always being blocked by someone, so a 'broken tackle' isn't really a broken tackle, but them being blocked out of the play. 

The table also revealed a number of other things. Barrett Ruud wasn't just a high-volume tackler, he also had very few tackles broken relative to the number of tackles he did make. Geno Hayes, on the other hand, did very poorly for a linebacker, while both Cody Grimm and Quincy Black seem to have earned their reputation for being reliable tacklers. Also, it seems that tackles by cornerbacks are broken most often, but that Elbert Mack is actually the best tackler of the bunch, although Talib has a much higher volume of plays and is a pretty solid tackler too. And finally, Piscitelli still sucks. 

Below you'll find the full table of broken tackles, if someone isn't listed I didn't have him down for any broken tackles. For the Ratio, a higher number is better - read it as "One broken tackle for every X tackles": 



Ratio(Total Tackles/
Broken Tackles)
Ronde Barber 11 82 7.45
Geno Hayes 9 82 9.11
Sean Jones 9 74 8.22
Barrett Ruud 8 118 14.75
E.J. Biggers 7 56 8
Quincy Black 4 57 14.25
Cody Grimm 4 57 14.25
Tim Crowder 3 31 10.33
Myron Lewis 3 9 3
Corey Lynch 3 32 10.67
Aqib Talib 3 40 13.33
Michael Bennett 2 15 7.5
Tanard Jackson 2 8 4
Sabby Piscitelli 2 9 4.5
Stylez G. White 2 36 18
Elbert Mack 1 16 16
Gerald McCoy 1 28 28
Roy Miller 1 47 47