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Daily Bucs Links

Bucs LB Ruud uncertain about future |
Barrett Ruud talks about his time with the Bucs and the uncertainty that he faces right now.

NFL Hot Button Topic of the week - CB is a logical fit for the Bucs - ESPN
Pat Yasinskas argues that the Bucs should and could sign Nnamdi Asomugha. He makes a good case, but I don't see it happening. I don't think the Bucs are willing to give a 30-year-old cornerback a premium contract, it doesn't fit the philosophy they've followed the past years. If Nnamdi was younger this would be different.

Why playing Cover 2 is crucial in today's NFL | National Football Post
David Bowen argues that Cover 2 is an essential and versatile coverage system in the NFL today. I'm sure the Bucs agree, although their Tampa 2 base defense is more similar to Cover 3 than Cover 2 in some ways.

Courtroom football: busy week ahead | National Football Post
This was written before the permanent stay of the injunction against the lockout was ruled on, but there's still some relevant analysis in this article.

Stay a little longer: lockout continues | National Football Post
This article is a lot more relevant, though, as Andrew Brandt explains everything you need to know about the permanent stay and how it affects the lockout. Brandt always provides clear and seemingly unbiased analysis of the lockout and the relevant legal proceedings. news: Bucs GM: History with injured players offers hope for Bowers
Mark Dominik talks about Da'Quan Bowers' love for the game and his perseverance, and how it should help him get past his injury. He uses Cadillac Williams and Kellen Winslow Jr. as examples.

New Orleans Saints are NFL re-draft winners; Seattle Seahawks chumps - ESPN
Rick Reilly 're-drafted' the 2006-2008 drafts, looking at the first-round picks and the players that should be first-round picks. I disagree with a lot of his choices, but it's interesting to see how he rates everyone. news: Hard-knock offseason pushes Bucs out of popular HBO show
Vic Carucci of talks about the many arrested Bucs employees, and how this may have affected their decision not to accept the Hard Knocks invitation.