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5 Free Agents Tampa needs to bring in for a workout

The big need at defensive end was given a lot of attention in the draft.  We'll get to see if those drafted will do well, but for the time being that position has bodies for competition.  The free agents focused on here will be at positions that were either not addressed in the draft or, in my opinion, were not addressed properly.

Far be it from me to criticize men getting paid millions to pick for the future; my attention is on picking for the fan (which may or may not be a smart decision).


RB - Jerious Norwood - Not many individuals were particularly happy with the addition of a running back in the draft who fits the same mold as LeGarrette Blount.  Tampa needs some speed and and pair of good hands in the backfield.  Norwood happens to be one of the fastest men in the league, and he can catch.  He missed practically the entire 2010 season due to injury, and it was a contract year.  This should drive his price down a bit, lowering the risk for Tampa.  If his physical checks out he'll add a needed dimension to the Bucs ground game.

RB - Kevin Smith - This is another player who had injury problems in a contract year, and another player who should come cheaply.  Smith doesn't bring as much speed to the table as Norwood, yet he is still a fast player with good hands.  Signing him would also be contingent on Smith passing a physical, though he has the potential to add diversity to the backfield.

LG - Justin Blalock - Blalock has been a very good starter for a few years now.  He is equally adept in the pass as the run, and anyone would be a huge upgrade over Larsen or Zuttah.  Blalock is enormous at 330 lbs and would certainly help pave the way for Blount while keeping Josh Freeman off of his back.  Also, he's fairly young and wont command  huge pay. Realistically, Tampa should actively seek to improve at the LG position and keep Davin Joseph if they want to fix the biggest problem they have on offense.

RT - Ryan Harris - At 26 years old he's got a lot of mileage to be used.  Though he has had injury concerns he protects the right side adequately and run blocks well.  His age fits with Tampa's youth movement and, again, he would come cheap.  Harris would be an upgrade over Lee, who should be retained.  This is another player who will need to pass a physical to allay doubts. Another guy to look at here would be Marshal Yanda- he can play several positions on the line, is young and pretty good; he's just been playing guard for a while.

S - Michael Huff - I know a lot of Raider fans hate this man for being a first round pick and not dominating, though he's gotten better.  His coverage skills improved over the past couple of seasons and he was always good in run support.  He's got good size and speed for the position, and he also flashed some blitzing ability this past year.  2010 was his best yet- he showed enough ability to think that he could be coached to live up to his draft stock.  He could start right away for Tampa, and because of his underachieving status he wouldn't demand too much of a financial commitment.

Without knowing how Tampa will choose to deal with Aqib Talib, I left cornerback to sit.  The defense was the focus in April, hence the amount of offense here.  Players are going to need to be brought in for competition or to possibly start at some of these positions.  Soon I'll have an article up on a few free agents the team should avoid.  Several more players were worthy of mention but I thought it prudent to stick with an arbitrary number.  Your thoughts?