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The NFL Lockout will Continue Until June 3rd - At A Minimum

The 8th Circuit of Appeals has granted the NFL a permanent stay of the injunction to lift the lockout while the court hears the case itself. The court case is set to begin on June 3rd, which is the earliest date at which we could now see the lockout lifted, barring an unlikely agreement between the NFL and NFLPA. This means that for now, the courts have decided that there is to be no football. 

Meanwhile, the NFL and the NFLPA are back at the negotiating table under court supervision. But little is expected of those negotiations until the legal process on the lockout has concluded. Another important piece of the puzzle is potential damages the players will receive as a result of the hearing on the NFL's lockout fund. 

The longer this takes, the angrier I get. All I ask is for football to be here in the fall, but it's starting to look like games could be missed.