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Daily Tampa Bay Buccaneers Links

Starting today, we're going to try to get a new series on the site: daily Bucs links. Nothing more than a simple collection of interesting links relating to the Bucs or the NFL from around the internet. With the lockout going on there isn't a lot of Bucs news out there, but there's still enough to occupy you for a while at work. 

Pro athlete McCants is broke, suffering | 
I did a story on this yesterday, but it's good to get the link out there again. What happened to the former 4th overall pick is sad, and it's far too common. 


One journey ends, another begins | National Football Post
Bucs third-round pick Mason Foster has been writing about his pre- and post-draft woes over at the National Football Post, and this is the last installment. In it, he talks about draft day, how a team had him on the phone only to pick someone else, and how he's going to kick that team all over the field for doing that. Okay, so I made the last part up, but it's still a good read. 

Another test for draft prospects to pass: Twitter | ProFootballTalk
It seems that teams have been looking at draft prospects' twitter pages to determine if they're worthy of being drafted. The Bucs sure haven't done that, though, as Adrian Clayborn, Luke Stocker, Da'Quan Bowers, Ahmad Black and Anthony Gaitor are all very active on Twitter. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers players or staff in trouble | St. Petersburg Times
The St. Petersburg Times made a timeline of Bucs arrests over the past year. It doesn't look good for the Bucs. 


Foster May Be Bucs’ Best Draft Pick In 2011 | Pewter Report
Pewter Report writing on Mason Foster's impact on the defense. There's not a lot of new insight there, although they do shed some light on the Bucs' decision to take Clayborn over Cameron Jordan: Clayborn had a very productive junior year showing he could get to the quarterback often, while Jordan looked more like perennial 5-to-6-sacks-per-year player. 


Bucs Building A Bigger, Tougher – And Hopefully Better – Defense | Pewter Report 
And another Pewter Report article, this time about the size and nastiness of the Bucs defense. 


NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
And finally, the National Football Post's Sunday Blitz. For those who don't know it, it's a weekly column with a lot of 'inside' information on the NFL. I always find it an interesting read, and I always learn something new when I read it.