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Buccaneers Who Are Hurt Most By The Lockout: Myron Lewis

Because of the current lockout there's no training camp, there are no OTAs, and coaches cannot teach their players. For some players, like Ronde Barber, this won't be a big deal. But for several other players will be hurt by the lack of coaching: raw players with talent but lacking skill. One of those guys is Myron Lewis, a 2010 third-round draft pick. Myron Lewis is a very talented cornerback who flashed skills when he got on the field late in the season, but he also showed a surprising lack of technique. He gave up a crucial late touchdown against the Falcons, but he also prevented Calvin Johnson from catching a jump ball for a touchdown at the end of the Detroit game.

The Buccaneers have two outstanding defensive backs coaches: Jimmy Lake, and Head Coach Raheem Morris. They've made the most of late-round cornerbacks in previous years, including getting seventh-rounder E.J. Biggers ready to start in his first NFL game. They know how to coach up defensive backs, and they could turn Myron Lewis into a star. Lewis has a ton of talent and could be a top cornerback, but he needs to work hard before he can get to that point. He could take a big step this offseason, but he needs coaching to do that. And right now, there is no coaching.