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I Don't Care Who's Wrong And Who's Right - I Just Want Football Back

The labor situation is a mess, and it has gotten to the point where people write fun but one-sided rants against people who don't agree with them. So, y'know, it's gone political. I'm not going to comment on who I sympathize with most or who is right or wrong. It's a labor dispute, not some fight over fundamental rights. In the end it boils down to two groups of people fighting over a gigantic pile of money, and I don't care who ends up with the money: it doesn't affect me either way. I'm not going to be spending any of it anyway, what do I care who stuffs the money into their pockets? And I don't really care what they do with it either. They could decide to throw the biggest Love Boat party the world has ever seen. I'm fine with that - as long as they invite me. 

I don't care about the players, nor do I care about the owners. There's one thing I do care about: actual NFL games being played. As long as they don't mess with my viewing pleasure, they can continue to squabble all they want. And if games are going to be missed, I'm not going to pick sides. I'm going to blame everyone involved in this labor stoppage for taking away the greatest sport I've ever watched.