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I retract my previous statement!

Before I became an official writer for Bucs Nation I would post the occasional fanpost article. My last fanpost I entitled "We want Reggie! (At least I do anyways)". It was all about what I thought Reggie Bush could bring to the Bucs offense as a third down, change of pace running back. However after reading Reggie's recent thoughts he posted on twitter, I would like to formally retract the statement made in the title of that post! In the first edition of my new column "Unhealthy Addiction" I ripped in to Aqib Talib a little bit for not being cognizant of his responsibilities to his team and fans. This week Reggie Bush bears the brunt of my displeasure. With his comments Bush showed me 3 things.

First, he showed me that he's more dedicated to being rich and famous than winning a championship. I don't think this will come as a surprise to most people given his past, however I thought that the taste of his first championship would light a fire under him. Perhaps push him to great heights. After reading his comments on May 9th, 2011 I think we can all agree that is clearly not the case. 

Second, he displayed a lack of awareness of the current labor situation. Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports had a good take on the situation in a recent post on Shutdown Corner. The players are trying to get the lockout lifted by saying that they're being caused irreparable harm. I wonder what the judges will think when they see one of the more recognizable (warranted or not) players pretty much say he's perfectly content just waiting it out and making "appearances here and there". That certainly makes it seem like his career isn't suffering in the slightest.

Last he alienated the people who matter most in his business, the fans. His response to the controversial statements? "Cry me a river why don't you..." Really? Really Reggie? With a lockout in place, no resolution on the immediate horizon, and overall fan support at it's lowest point in the modern era, you're going to make statements like those then when the fans are justifiably upset you say "Cry me a river why don't you..."?

Reggie Bush has tremendous talent but no common sense and at this point I say he can keep his talent because I'd much rather see him get his world rocked by a big hit from Cody Grimm or another member of the Bucs defense than ever see that guy in a Buccaneer uniform.