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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Love To Go Deep - But They're Not All That Good At It

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With a strong-armed quarterback and some good downfield targets, it's no surprise the Bucs have attempted plenty of deep passes the past season. Greg Olson has added a dimension to this offense that wasn't present in previous years - either because of scheme or QB skills. Nonetheless, there's plenty of room for improvement: Josh Freeman would regularly overthrow deep receivers, and at times it seemed like the quarterback and the receivers weren't on the same page. Still, the deep ball adds excitement to the offense. Knowing that at any point in time, the Bucs could hit a 60-yard touchdown bomb makes the games more interesting on offense. 

The guys over at Pro Football Focus brought us some number to quantify this aspect of the game, and they certainly showed that the Bucs loved going deep, which they defined as a pass travelling at least 20 yards in the air. Josh Freeman had 72 deep attempts on 474 total throws, which is 15.19% of the time. That number was 7th highest in the NFL, and certainly an indication of Greg Olson's aggression in the passing game. Unfortunately, Freeman wasn't entirely accurate on those throws, completing just 31.94% of his deep throws - 17th in the NFL. Fortunately, the deep attempts weren't disastrous. He threw just 2 interceptions in those 72 attempts, or 2.74% of the time which was 2nd best in the NFL. Freeman was middle of the pack in terms of accuracy, but when things went awry at least the balls didn't end up in the opposition's hands.