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Josh Freeman Is the 86th Best Player In The NFL

After yesterday's post about Mike Williams' place on the player-voted Top 100 Players of 2011 list, I can write about Freeman's place on it too. You can see the video here, and it has Falcons DE John Abraham presenting him. On yesterday's NFL Network show it was revealed he was voted the 86th best player in the NFL, ahead of Donovan McNabb and Joe Flacco. That sounds about right to me, Josh Freeman had a terrific sophomore season but he isn't at the top of the NFL. Not yet, anyway. But the fact that both he and Mike Williams are on the list means the Bucs have two very young players among the Top 100 players, and these players should only continue to get better. This should be an exciting offense next year. 

Unfortunately, it was also revealed these are the only two Buccaneers on the list. Jordan Gross got on the list, but Donald Penn was left off. It's the Pro Bowl all over again! Aqib Talib didn't make the list, despiting having a terrific season in 2010. It could be argued that his recent legal troubles are keeping him off the list, but for as far as I know this list was voted on before his latest troubles surfaced. You could also make an argument for Legarrette Blount, who certainly had enough highlight reel plays to make the list.

Next year this list should contain a few more Buccaneers, though, as many of the young players are set to improve next year. Gerald McCoy was playing very well at the end of his season and should continue to get better. Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers could have a big impact next season. Arrelious Benn took a while to get going, but was making big plays left and right until his injury. Legarrette Blount was electrifying at times, but can improve a lot of facets of his game. We'll see which players step up next season, but it's going to be interesting to watch.