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Mocking the Draft SBNation Mock Draft - Buccaneers Pick

Over at the SBNation blog Mocking the Draft all the SBNation writers have been asked to make a draft pick, and when the Bucs were on the clock I was asked as well. I was hoping a defensive end would still be on the board, and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, both Aldon Smith and Ryan Kerrigan were still available, making for a tough choice. I love Aldon Smith's upside and talent, but Kerrigan is no slouch and the Bucs are sure to love his work ethic and college production. If I was the Bucs' GM, I'd pick Ryan Kerrigan. But I think the Bucs are going to take Ryan Kerrigan over Aldon Smith if they're both on the board (which I don't think will happen either). 

Some other players that were on the board that I think the Bucs could take were Justin Houston and Adrian Clayborn. It's interesting to note that Carimi and Pouncey were off the board at that point, which would make it unlikely the Bucs upgrade their offensive line with the first pick. But with Smith and Kerrigan still on the board, the Bucs should be very excited if the draft turned out this way. 

You can go here for the full draft, the pick and the full explanation, including analysis from Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar. Let me know what you think of the pick. The second round is coming up as well, and if you make some suggestions for the second round I'll take them into account.