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Another Farewell

Following Craig T's lead there will be another change to BucsNation. This afternoon, I notified the rest of the staff, that I will no longer be writing for the site. I want to make a couple of things real clear:

1) It has nothing to do with the leadership change. I like and appreciate everything that Sander is doing. He is the perfect leader for BucsNation at this time, and you should be excited and feel lucky that he is the lead editor. There is no bad blood between me and any other writer, quite the opposite actually.

2) I LOVE BucsNation. I've put a lot of effort and thought into writing articles here, therefor have great pride in the site. I will be sticking around, staying active in the threads and comments and occasionally writing a guest post.

It was just time that I decided the best thing for the site is for me to leave. I haven't been committing the time or effort that BucsNation deserves and I just don't see that changing in the near future. However, if it does in the long run, I will re-evaluate my involvement.


I greatly appreciate the community here at BucsNation and, as I told the staff, believe that this is a premier Bucs website and will only continue to grow larger and have a wider impact. Thank you for reading my articles while I was here and being involved.