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The Bucs Nation Community Mock Draft - Pick One

This will be another daily feature leading up to the draft. We'll go through every draft pick leading up to the Buccaneers' first pick at #20, one by one, and I'll ask you to vote on who you think each team will pick. Hit the jump for a short bit on each player listed, and why they could be selected.

After you've voted in this poll, you may also want to check out Jester01's fanpost. He is running a SBNation-wide mock draft, asking each community about their preferred picks. It's pretty interesting, so make sure to check it out.

QB Cam Newton, Auburn: A supremely talented quarterback with a good arm, quick release and impressive mobility. He was a winner and a leader in college at Auburn, where he won the Heisman and the National Championship in just one year. The year before he won the NJCAA National Championship at Blinn College. He had transferred there from Florida, after several incidents, one involving a stolen laptop and possible academic cheating. There are also some concerns about his character stemming from his recruitment after leaving Blinn college and his father's involvement in it. There are also a few concerns about his accuracy and footwork, although he can make all the throws. Overall, though, few people doubt his ablities as a team leader and his potential as a quarterback. And despite Jimmy Clausen's selection last year, the Panthers desperately need a quarterback.

QB Blaine Gabbert, Missouri: Gabbert is the other top QB in the draft. He's a good runner as well, and probably just as athletic as Cam Newton. But he doesn't have Newton's arm, nor does he have his accolades. He's been accurate, but he struggles on deeper passes. He doesn't have Cam Newton's upside, but he doesn't have his downside either. That's because he's completely clean on and off the field.

DT Marcell Dareus, Alabama: Dareus is an interesting player, a five-technique 3-4 DE in college, he could play that position and dominate in the NFL or he could play 3-technique or nose tackle as well. He has a quick first step and has a lot of potential as a pass rusher, but his strength is as a run-stopper. The Panthers certainly could use a defensive tackle, so the pick makes sense. There are some concerns about Dareus' work rate and weight, and he was suspended for two games last season for accepting improper benefits. But overall there's a lot to like about this player.

CB Patrick Peterson, LSU: Quite possibly the best pure talent in the draft. For the Panthers, though, he doesn't fit a need, and there are some who have said he's too big to play cornerback and should move to safety. Besides that, no cornerback has ever been selected first overall, but the game has never been more about passing than it is now. Patrick Peterson is a complete cornerback, physical with outstanding coverage and ball skills. He's probably at his best as a press-man cornerback, though, and that may not fit what the Panthers want to do.

WR A.J. Green, Georgia: Green is a terrific and complete wide receiver. He's big, fast, has great hands and breaks sharply in his routes. He also fits the Panthers' needs, who have only Steve Smith as a competent receiver, and he's getting old. Of course, if Jimmy Clausen is throwing to Green that won't be taking advantage of his talents. He was suspended for 4 games in 2010 for selling his bowl shirt, and he scored a 10 on the Wonderlic test, which raised some concerns about his intelligence. Those are the only concerns, though, and Green should definitely be in consideration for the first overall pick.