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Geno Hayes' misdemeanor charges wrapped up

Geno Hayes was arrested late last season for trespassing and disorderly conduct after an altercation outside a night club. Hayes was disciplined internally by the Buccaneers, but his court case hadn't been wrapped up yet. According to the St. Petersburg Times, that case has now been settled. The disorderly conduct charges were dropped and Hayes agreed to plead 'no contest' to the trespassing charge. Both charges were misdemeanors, and Hayes will be asked to pay $265 in court costs and will not be punished with anything else. 

Although the St. Petersburg Times notes it's possible that commissioner Goodell still hands out some punishment for this case, it seems very unlikely. A misdemeanor trespassing charge is hardly a big deal, and while Goodell didn't need a sentence to punish Ben Roethlisberger, two rape charges are very different from a shouting match at a night club. It seems extremely unlikely Hayes will ever face more punishment for this kind of thing. 

With Mike Williams' charge of DUI being dismissed a few months ago, the only open case against a Buccaneer is the Assault With a Deadly Weapon charge leveled against Aqib Talib