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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2011 Draft Grades and Picks

The 2011 draft is over, and the Buccaneers have added eight new players to the team. The Bucs focused heavily on defense, using five of their eight draft picks on defensive players, and going defense with their first three draft picks. Defensive end was obviously the focus of the draft, but the Bucs also added two tight ends. There are some needs they neglected to fill, most notably a third-down back and offensive linemen. I was very impressed with the first two days of the Bucs' draft, but was less impressed with the last day of the draft. I really don't like trading away a current and future fourth rounder to move up for Luke Stocker, despite the fact that I like the player and the fit. I also don't see what sixth-rounder Allen Bradford will add to the offense, and I think Ahmad Black was selected too high, although I'm sure he'll find a good niche on defense. Finally, Anthony Gaitor is largely unknown but fits a need and it sounds like he could stick as a slot cornerback. Greg Hardy looks like a receiving tight end only who will back up Kellen Winslow on 3rd down, if he even sticks.

Round Pick Overall Player Grade and analysis
1 20 20 DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa Grade:B+. A physical, violent defensive end he adds some attitude to the Bucs defense, but pass rush is questionable.
2 19 51 DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson Grade: A. Bowers dropped because of injury concerns, but the Bucs should still get at least 5 years of top-5 play out of him
3 20 84 LB Mason Foster, Washington Grade:A. Foster is a powerful, downhill linebacker who can play all 3 positions
4 7 104 TE Luke Stocker, Tennessee Grade:C. Stocker will add versatility to the Bucs offense, but they gave up two fourth-rounders to draft him.
5 20 151 S Ahmad Black, Florida Grade: C. Black is small and slow but a natural football player who could develop into a good slot defender. I think he was selected too high.
6 22 187 RB Allen Bradford, USC Grade: D. Bradford is a huge, hard runner who will do good work in short-yardage situations, but I don't see what else he brings to the offense.
7 19 222 CB Anthony Gaitor, Florida International Grade: B A small, feisty cornerback who could come in and play as a dime back. Won't play outside, but could be good as a slot defender
7 35 238 TE Greg Hardy, Idaho Grade:D. A receiving tight end who will be a backup third-down TE at best.