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Buccaneers 2011 Draft Picks: Tampa Bay Takes Luke Stocker in the Fourth Round

The Buccaneers traded up into the fourth round, and took Luke Stocker, Tight End out of Tennessee with the 104th overall pick. The Buccaneers traded away this year's fourth rounder and next year's fourth rounder for the Eagles' draft pick, and I really don't like that move. When you trade away future picks, you always lose some value. A fourth-rounder next year would be worth a fifth-rounder this year, and you're trading away a little more potential in the future for an immediate reward. However, it is a fourth rounder next year, and late-round draft picks will be worth less as the Buccaneers improve the talent on the roster as it'll be tougher for fourth rounders to contribute in the future.

That all said, Luke Stocker is a solid draft pick. The Buccaneers don't have any receiving depth behind Kellen Winslow Jr, and he has a chronic knee injury., so Stocker does fill a need, to an extent. Stocker isn't the greatest run blocker, but he's not a bum either and should get better with NFL coaching and weight room work. As a receiver he isn't a dynamic downfield receiver, but he knows how to exploit space and zones and is a good route runner. He'll add some versatility to the Bucs' tight end group, which consists mostly of blockers and one receiver. As the Buccaneers love to run two-tight end sets, a versatile tight end could add a new dimension to the offense, creating matchup problems for opposing defenses.