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Previewing The Third Day of the 2011 Draft for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers now have four first-round talents on the defensive line in Brian Price, Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers. I, for one, am excited, but his also means the Bucs are very unlikely to look at defensive linemen on the third day of the draft. With Mason Foster they also addressed the need for a linebacker, but this doesn't mean there will be no defensive selections. More linebackers are a possibility, but I think it's more likely the Bucs select some cornerbacks and maybe even a safety in the next couple of rounds. The Bucs could certainly use some cornerback depth, especially if they don't plan on bringing Aqib Talib back. The Bucs are sure to look at offense as well, though, and I expect them to draft at least one offensive lineman and a running back who can pass block and catch passes. They could also draft a receiving tight end to add some depth behind Kellen Winslow, or even another wide receiver despite the fact that it's not a big need. Here are a couple of prospects to keep an eye on:

G Clint Boling, Georgia: Boling is a very versatile offensive lineman, athletic but not the most powerful lineman in the draft. The versatility would intrigue the Bucs, though I don't know if he'd be much more than a swing backup a la Jeremy Zuttah for the Buccaneers. 

G Marcus Cannon, TCU: This man is huge, and that's also his best asset. He played tackle in college but is likely to work best at guard where he can maul people inside, but he could also fit at right tackle. He's surprisingly athletic for his size and could end up being a solid starter in the NFL. There are some injury concerns with Cannon, which is why he's dropped this far in the draft, and he may not be able to play in his first season. 

CB Cortez Allen, Citadel: A big, fast and physical cornerback, he fits the profile of a Raheem Morris corner. He's physically gifted but raw, not unlike third-round draft pick Myron Lewis last year. Morris would love to get his hands on a physical talent like this to develop him into a standout cornerback. He has also visited the Buccaneers. 

CB Davon House, New Mexico State: Another physical, big and fast cornerback. This seems to be the new cornerback profile for the Bucs, and House fits it perfectly, like Cortez Allen. He looks great in coverage, but there are questions about his competitiveness that may eliminate him from the Bucs' draft board. Like Allen, he's visited the Bucs. 

LB Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina: Sturdivant was talked about as a possibility for the Buccaneers in both the second and third round, but he's still on the board at the start of the fourth round. He can play both in and outside, and he's strongest in coverage. He struggles against the run and isn't the most instinctive linebacker, but he's talented and the Bucs may not be able to pass up his physical skills. 

RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State: Rodgers is a tiny, tiny running back, both in terms of height and girth. However, he's explosive and elusive in the open field and a natural pass catcher. His size severely limits him, but he can be dynamic with the ball in his hands. 

RB Johnny White, North Carolina: This is a player that you don't hear a lot about, but he's on my mancrush list. He's a good pass blocker, a solid runner inside who will get you the yards that are there, and a natural pass catcher. He'd be a great complement to Legarrette Blount, who didn't show the ability to consistently pick up 4 yards instead preferring to bounce it outside a lot. Blount is a dynamic runner, but White would add a sustaining element to the Bucs' offense as a runner, and could be very valuable on third down as a pass blocker and pass catcher. He's probably not more than a seventh round pick, but I'd love to see him in a Bucs uniform.