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NFL Draft 2011 6PM ET - Second Day Open Thread - Third Round!

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The Buccaneers have selected Da'Quan Bowers with their second round pick. You can see the analysis of the draft pick right here. Now the Bucs get to the third round, and they still have plenty of needs to fill. Defensive End is probably off the board now, but Linebacker, Cornerback, Tight End, Running Back, Guard and Offensive Tackle are all strong possibilities. Let's see where the Bucs are going to go this time!

Round Pick Overall Player
1 20 20 DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa
2 19 51 DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson
3 20 84 LB Mason Foster, Washington
4 19 116
5 20 151
6 22 187
7 19 222
7 35 238