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NFL Draft 2011 6PM ET - Second Day Open Thread!

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The Bucs stepped out of the first round with DE Adrian Clayborn out of Iowa. Check out the coverage over the past day to see a number of posts on him. Landlubber wrote a great story on Erb's Palsy and what it means to play football with that condition. There's a story on his playing style and the physicality he'll bring to the Bucs defense. I listed five things Bucs Fans must know about Adrian Clayborn, and wrote a bit of analysis on the pick itself. And then there's our pre-draft scouting report on Adrian Clayborn. In a tiny bit of news, Adrian Clayborn will be wearing #94, which was worn by Kyle Moore the past two years. Any bets on how quickly Moore is out of here?

Today the Bucs seek to add more talent to the team. There's a chance they draft a tight end or offensive linemen, but a lot of defensive talent has been falling and there are a lot of good linebackers and pass rushers to be had, or even cornerbacks. I expect the Bucs to continue to pick defensive players instead. Take a look at our Day Two Preview to see a number of players the Bucs could be targeting. 

Also something I forgot: John Lynch will be announcing the Bucs' pick. 

Round Pick Overall Player
1 20 20 DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa
2 19 51 DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson
3 20 84
4 19 116
5 20 151
6 22 187
7 19 222
7 35 238