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Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and SB Nation's Second-Round Mock Drafts for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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With the first round over, several media outlets have published second-round mock drafts. Let's see what they think the Bucs will do today. First, Todd McShay. He had a seven-round mock draft up yesterday that had the Bucs taking no defensive ends at all. Obviously, that was nonsense. His second-round pick for the Bucs makes a lot of sense though: Bruce Carterm OLB, North Carolina. Bruce Carter has first-round talent but dropped because of an injury that's still lingering but shouldn't be a long-term concern. He's far from a perfect prospect and he's not the most solid linebacker, but he can make an impact as a playmaker at the position. He also represents tremendous value there. However, McShay still has Justin Houston on the board at that point as well and unless the Bucs have scrapped him from their draft board over character concerns his talent and skill would be very hard to pass up. Houston, Clayborn, Price and McCoy would make for a ridiculously talented defensive line. 

Mel Kiper has the Bucs going a very different route, taking Jah Reid, OT out of UCF. An offensive lineman is certainly a possibility for the Bucs, but with Jabaal Sheard, Justin Houston, Akeem Ayers and Quan Sturdivant still on the board the Bucs would be passing up a whole lot of defensive talent to take a player that doesn't really fill a huge need. 

And finally, Brian Galliford got together a Second-Round Mock Draft, and he has the Bucs picking G Clint Boling out of Georgia. Again an offensive lineman, and again a number of defensive stars are passed up. Ras-I Dowling at cornerback, Justin Houston at DE/OLB, Allen Bailey at DE, Bruce Carter at OLB and Martez Wilson at MLB/OLB (he can play both) were still on the board at that time, and I don't see the Bucs taking a guard over any of those players, let alone all of them.