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Five Things Bucs Fans Need To Know About Their Latest Draft Pick Adrian Clayborn

Here are five key things to know about Adrian Clayborn, the latest Buccaneer:

1. Adrian Clayborn had a really lackluster 2010 season, but had a terrific 2009 season. After his 11.5 sack 2009 season he looked a top 10 overall pick and possibly the best pass rusher had he come out at that time. After his 6-sack 2010 season, he looked a lot less appealing. Clayborn got more attention from defenses in 2010, and he wasn't asked to rush the passer as much as he was in 2009 so that depressed his numbers. The Bucs are convinced that the 2009 Clayborn really is the true Clayborn, and SB Nation's Iowa Hawkeyes blog makes a convincing point that he's better than his senior season. You should really read that post, by the way, it's terrific.

2. Adrian Clayborn has Erb's Palsy, a condition he's had his whole life which has caused nerve damage to the right side of the body. He doesn't have full use of his right arm, but he has still managed to battle through that and become a supremely productive defensive end. This speaks to his character, but there are physical limitations. He's adapted to overcome them, and has a tremendously strong upper body to compensate for his limited right arm. 

3. Adrian Clayborn was a two-time team captain, a leader of a very physical Iowa Hawkeyes defense and a high-character person by all accounts. He did  have an altercation with a cab driver in 2009, for which  he was fined $100 as part of a disorderly conduct charge. Supposedly, the cab driver used a racial slur, which was followed by some punches. This is an isolated incident, and there's no reason to think he'll embarrass the Bucs off the field. And on the field he can be the motor and soul of a defense. 

4. Clayborn is a great run defender. He's powerful, he can hold up offensive tackles, shed and make a powerful tackle. This should immediately help improve the Bucs run defense, which was really bad last year. Even if Clayborn doesn't turn out to be the pass rusher he was in 2009, he'll still greatly improve the Bucs defense with his run defense. 

5. Clayborn is the third defensive lineman the Bucs have drafted in the top 35 picks of the draft the last two years. That's a lot of talent along one defensive line, and if Gerald McCoy, Brian Price and Adrian Clayborn all develop to their full potential, the Bucs will have one of the most fearsome defensive lines in football. The Bucs have also used 6 of 14 total selections the past 3 years on defensive linemen. Think that's a priority for the team maybe?