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Todd McShay's 2011 NFL Mock Draft - Seven Rounds of Buccaneers

Todd McShay's final mock draft is out, and it's a seven-round mock draft(ESPN Insider required) this time. It's interesting to see what he thinks the Buccaneers will do throughout the draft. Starting in the first round he has the Bucs picking Prince Amukamara, just what happened in Mel Kiper's 2011 Mock Draft earlier today. It's an interesting prospect and one I hadn't thought of before today. Rick Gosselin even has Amukamara falling all the way to the Seahawks at #25. I don't think the Bucs can pass up Amukamara's talent unless an elite pass rusher like Robert Quinn is available as well. 

In the second round Todd McShay has the Bucs picking OLB Bruce Carter. A first-round talent who is dropping because of an injury that could keep him out for part of the 2011 season. This pick makes perfect sense for the Bucs as they need an impact outside linebacker, and Bruce Carter has a chance to be that. Another option at that point in his draft would've been Mason Foster, who always finds himself around the ball. The Bucs also could draft WR Titus Young at that point to add some deep speed to the passing game. 

In the third round, McShay has the Bucs adding Kendall Hunter, a good, versatile pass-catching back. Again: this makes perfect sense. The Bucs need a complementary back to Blount, preferably one that can contribute on passing downs as well. OT Benjamin Ijalana and ILB Akeem Dent would be options here as well. 

On to round 4. Here McShay has the Bucs picking another linebacker in the form of Casey Matthews. He isn't nearly as explosive as his big brother, but he's still a solid linebacker who would work best in the middle of the field. A better option for the Bucs here would be Fresno State's Christopher Carter, though. He's a DE/OLB who can really get after the quarterback and could turn into a very productive defensive end. In fact, keep an eye on that player throughout the draft, he'd be a great addition to this team. 

In the fifth round, McShay has the Bucs picking S Deandre McDaniel out of Syracuse. He's a solid all-around safety, but he's had some off-field issues and is not a special player by any means. I don't see this pick happening, he sounds like the kind of person the Bucs claim they want to steer away from, and they have plenty of solid players at safety already. I could see them drafting someone like TE D.J. Williams, LB Bruce Miller or OT/G Marcus Cannon there, all of whom would be available according to McShay. 

In the sixth round, he sees the Bucs picking another OLB, this time Brian Rolle. I don't think the Bucs are that desperate for linebacker talent, though, and I don't see why they'd come out of the draft with 3 or more linebackers without pass rushing skills, as McShay thinks they will. Instead, a cornerback like Cortez Allen would work well at that point. You can never have enough cornerbacks. 

Finally, in the seventh round he has the Buccaneers picking TE Weslye Saunders and OT Adam Grant. I don't really have any thoughts on this. The Bucs could do with a pass-catching TE for depth and more talent on the offensive line always helps. I don't really know enough about the players at this point in the draft to say anything meaningful about them. 


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