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NFL Draft 2011 8PM ET - First Round Open Thread!

Let the draft begin!
Let the draft begin!

Just three hours until the draft begins, so it's time for an Open Thread. Lots of questions will be answered today. Will the Buccaneers face Cam Newton twice a year from now on? How many Quarterbacks will be picked in the first round? Who will make the crazy surprise selection this year? How far will Da'Quan Bowers fall? And, of, course: who will be the next Buccaneers draft pick? 

The Bucs pick 20th, so it'll be a long wait until they pick. In the mean while, you can read through a couple of our draft posts. There's a collection of scouting reports here and a first-round preview here. I've speculated and written enough on all the first-round possibilities, now I want to see results!

If you're looking for a place to watch the draft, the Bucs are holding a draft party at Raymond James Stadium. Doors open at 6:30PM. There's also a small informal Bucs Nation draft party at Lee Roy Selmon's in Tampa, run by witty. You can see the details here. And, of course, you could stay at home, watch it on ESPN, NFL Network or on the Buccaneers' Official Draft Site. No matter how you decide to watch the draft, keep coming back to Bucs Nation for all draft information, we'll have in-depth analysis of every Bucs pick as it happens right here.