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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2011 NFL Draft Picks

As we all know, the Buccaneers pick 20th in the first round of the NFL draft, but they have 7 more picks throughout the draft, at least one in each round of the draft. 

All the Bucs draft picks are listed below:

Round Pick Overall
1 20 20
2 19 51
3 20 84
4 19 116
5 20 151
6 22 187
7 19 222
7 35 238

The Bucs traded away their first fifth-round pick last season and received DE Alex Magee and Kansas City's sixth round pick in return. The pick the Bucs traded away was originally acquired from Denver for two seventh-round picks in 2010. The Broncos used those picks to select Syd'Quan Thompson and Jammie Kirlew. Thompson played in 13 games last season, while Kirlew is not with the Broncos anymore. In addition to that trade, the Bucs traded away their own 6th round draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for WR Reggie Brown, who didn't make it out of training camp. The Bucs' second seventh-round selection is a compensatory pick. Because the Bears and Cowboys used seventh-round picks in the Supplemental Draft the Bucs' picks in the seventh round are the 19th and 35th picks, instead of the 20th and 37th picks.