At Selmons, In Tampa, Thursday Night Apr. 28 - Draft Mocking Party

After the handful of mock drafts I've done, and that some of you have done, now is the time to go to a sports bar and mock the draft altogether.

And what better place to do it than Selmons off of Boy Scout Blvd at the Lois Ave. intersection?

You know, on the main roadway between the TIA and the Raymond James Stadium?  Sigh.  Okay Google Map 4302 West Boy Scout Boulevard Tampa FL and that should help.

I called ahead to see if there were anything going on that night, in case someone else already had a draft party scheduled for the 28th... and got put on hold for oh 20 minutes.  I decided "Screw it," hung up and decided to let you all know that I plan on getting to Selmons by 7 pm EST (one hour before the draft starts) in order to see about getting a good-sized table reserved.

I need a head count right now.  I'm planning on seeing about a table for six to start off.  If we get more than six showing up for the mockery party, I need to know how many spots to request.

Bring money for tips.

If you plan on drinking alcohol, find a driving buddy and get him/her drunk tonight so they owe you a favor for Thursday night.

I plan on going to Selmons no matter what.  For anyone else going, look for the fat white geeky guy who looks like someone you saw in a photo over on the DRays SBNation blog dressed up like a Jedi.  If that doesn't help, look for the fat white geeky guy wearing Bucs gear.  ...what, not specific enough?  Okay, just shout "Mock the draft" and I'll raise my hand and reply "Woot!"  Maybe.  ;-)

See you at Selmons.

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