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Who Do You Want the Bucs To Draft Now?

As we get closer to draft day, the tension mounts, and I can't wait to hear who the Bucs pick in the first round. We've heard speculation after speculation after speculation, but haven't heard a single solid thing. Not even the first pick in the draft seems decided, though I sure hope the Panthers have decided to draft Cam Newton now. A project QB on a bad team? I'd like to see the Bucs play that twice a year.

But this post is about the Bucs, so let's get to it. The Bucs have a multitude of options now, but on draft day their options may dwindle quickly as players are picked up. Da'Quan Bowers may have a devastating knee injury, but no one knows if he'll fall. Aldon Smith has immense talent but very little skill right now, which would mean a late first-round selection. But Jason Pierre-Paul went 15th overall in a better quality draft last year. Robert Quinn may be the top pass rusher, but will the year he has missed drop him down the board? Cameron Jordan is a terrific defensive end but not an elite pass rusher, 3-4 teams will likely love him, though. Who knows where he goes? It's all a mystery right now and everyone and everything is being overanalyzed. The Bucs are expected to pick a defensive end, but would it really be a surprise if they went with a tackle like Gabe Carimi, or even a cornerback like Jimmy Smith or Brandon Harris? Probably not.

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