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Could the lockout end on Monday? UPDATE: Lockout Over

It's possible that the lockout could be over in less than 24 hours.  Of course, I should add that it wouldn't be due to a new deal or CBA being struck, but more because the lockout would be deemed illegal.  With the Player's Association decertifying before the lockout officially began, the NFLPA is arguing that there is no union to lockout and thus free agency should commence immediately. 

This is likely the last piece of CBA news before the draft, particularly with mediation not set to resume until approx May 17th.  I should note that even if the judge rules in favor of the (ex) NFLPA, there will likely be an appeal, meaning nothing will truly get accomplished. 

Kind of frustrating that we're now stuck in a never-ending legal battle.

Edit:  The judge has ruled in favor of the players and ruled that the lockout will end.  The NFL can file for a stay pending an appeal, but as of right now, the lockout looks to be over, which would mean free agency can begin immediately.  My guess?  The NFL files an appeal and free agency is still on hold