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"He Can Pass-Rush Inside" - Why Would the Buccaneers Care?

A number of defensive end prospects have a little line of text in their scouting reports that says "can move inside on third downs". The ability to pass rush from a defensive tackle position is very important for those prospects and makes them more intriguing for a lot of teams. Think of what Justin Tuck has done for the Giants - apparently a lot of teams want to duplicate that. It also signifies that the defensive tackle position is becoming more important from a pass-rushing standpoint than the defensive end position. After all, a defensive tackle can get to the quarterback a lot faster than a defensive end can.

The most notable prospects who could make an impact as a pass rusher this season include Aldon Smith, both are players the Buccaneers could draft. But their ability to pass-rush inside should be a non-factor for the Bucs, as they've already spent two high draft picks on pass-rushing defensive tackles in Gerald McCoy and Brian Price. Although the Bucs did try moving defensive ends inside later in the season when Brian Price was on injured reserve, they should keep Brian Price and Gerald McCoy at the positions they know how to play. Logically, this means that players like Aldon Smith and Cameron Jordan will be worth more to teams who will move them inside on passing downs. And that means that those players will likely be gone once the Bucs pick.